So... This is pretty much my last hurrah on here for 2 months. And I'll be the first to say that it came way sooner then I thought it would. Just to keep everyone in the know, Chase has been given my password to post my address in basic. So anyone is welcome to send me a letter. It will be posted here. I might trust him with this but I don't trust anyone with my Facebook. Though it will probably be posted on that thanks to my mother or even my recruiter.

But what is there to say... not a whole lot to be honest. If anyone does care to talk to me before I go, my last day on a computer is the 10th of June unless my sis lets me use her laptop when I'm downstate on the day before I go in. But really... not much point. I'll be honest though, I'm gonna miss the internet. I'm gonna miss some friends that I've made on here that I pretty much talk to every day that I can.

So you'll be without my asshole services for 2 months. Till then guys. And may I come out at least an E2 if not an E3. That would be awesome. Anyway... Cya!