First entry here, oh my x_X Might as well do something useful, so I decided to do a rough translation of the article on RWBY, that Lindsay has tweeted (I emphasise the word rough). I do speak Japanese and English, but neither is my mother tongue, so don't be too harsh with me ^^'

To read the original article in Japanese go here.

Last trailer of the mysterious animation project series "RWBY", that is so cool/stylish you'll die, has been released

Certainly stylish! (note: 厨二 is internet slang and I couldn't quite find out its exact meaning, and what I did find, didn't make sense. Therefor I left it out)

The mysterious series project "RWBY", that is presented by American production studio "Rooster Teeth Productions". (pronounciation is 'roo-bee').
November 2012, the first trailer "Red" was released and gained attention for its super hot and quailty battle animation. And it is really hot, isn't it?.

"RWBY" are the initials of Red, White, Yellow and Black, and in along with that four girls appear. On June, 1st 2013 the last trailer of the character who belongs to "Y" was released and again became a much dicussed topic.

This is why I want to introduce them in order, starting with "Red". Please watch the trailer down here, and make sure to watch it in full screen!

Isn't it the coolest thing? As a SPECINEFF fan I can't not be all over the big scythe-shotgun! The awsome background music is also a characteristic, and it makes a nice impression, that reminds of a MAD (=fan videos, see urban dictionary MAD + anime). The background music is also sold via iTunes.

Well, next is the girl "White".

You can the feel the story, right? And the fighting girl is cute/pretty. The mood change after the fight/hunt and the magic sword are extremely awesome! The confined technique is burning! (=awesome/briliant)

Next is the girl "Black".

[...]. Boys are also getting visible, and it beomes more and more like a really good anime-style. What phrase is there for the 'do they mean something?'-cat ears? (what??)
To my surprise the male character is handsome/cool/good-looking. Blindfolds are cool/handsome/good-looking.

And lastly the girl "Yellow", whose was released last.

Where is the girl with the frankness like a wild animal? Finally he gets it from her gauntlet chara (or something like that, I don't really now. You remember, I said rough ^^'). In short a gunblaster-like gatchin (?). The super hard punch (from some Belka (?) like firing hammer sound (???)) is really super hot. NOTE: this paragraph is somewhat hard for me to translate, but the gist is: her fighting is effing awesome and she kicks butts.

All the characters each have a fairy-tale motif, and the setting/scene for each chara have been partly released.

name of R=Ruby
weapon: Crescent Rose
motif: Little Red Riding Hood

name of W=Weiss Schnee
weapon: A rapier called Myrtenaster which changes is options when changing colours
motif: Snow White

name of B=Blake Belladonna
weapon: gun sword
motif: Beauty and the Beast

name of the boy, who's with B: Adam
weapon: Riflejato (rifle + ninja sword). This is not an official name.

name of Y= Yang Xiao Long (in Kanji 陽å°é¾?)
weapon: gun gauntlet
motif: Goldilocks and the three Bears

[too tired for this paragraph, gotta look at it again tomorrow maybe]

The first episode will be shown on RTX in July 2013. How will these four characters become intertwined, what storiy will unfold? I cannot stop to pay attention to it (=oh goood, I need to know moar!!).

This "RWBY"-series has been created by animator Monty Oum. Monty Oum has released other super cool works with high tension such as "Final Fantasy" or "Dead Or Alive"- MAD (=fan videos, see urban dictionary MAD + anime). If you like such things, have a look. It is straightforward stylish and well done.

As I said, veeeery rough translation. I apologise if some sentences sound weird. I am not good at paraphrasing from one language into another, especially when it's not my mother tongue, plus there is a shit load of slang terms in this article that I have never heard of. But I think you get the gist ^^