Well, if I wasn't sure before, I most certainly am now! The Xbox One is a must have for any 360 fan and generally any gamer who wants to sit in front of the TV, relax, and beast some video games!

The panel itself was a great eye-catching display of information and stunning visuals, I'm impressed with how well strung together the game trailers were, nice and appealing in that regards, and the choice of titles to showcase, I mean come on, anyone who opens with a MGS free-roaming, open world shooter, is a winner, right? Not too mention the excitement of a new Halo title! And the new franchise titles EXCLUSIVE to Xbox One like; project spark, titanfall, Ryse: Son of Rome, Qauntom Break, etc. And then.. The return of Minecraft.. That's right! Minecraft has been confirmed for the Xbox One! What do we call it now you ask? MinecraftOne of course! Many fans of the 360 have been waiting for it, and they got it!

I feel like Microsoft really have pulled it back this time around, my mind is now clearly made up, I'll be getting both consoles! For those who would ask 'why? Why would you do that?!' my answer is simply, because I enjoy games. (and anime, which most anime based games are JPNS only, so a PS4 is required, as it's multi-regional, so I can play my JPNS games on it)