So, I recently finished two anime that I'd not seen before (well I say finished) they were both amazing! Here's the current list of anime viewings that have occurred recently :)

On-going Series: Bleach [Dubbed]

Recently Aired: Fate/Zero [Dubbed]

DVD [UK]: D-Gray Man [Finished]

Blu-Ray: High School of The Dead [Finished]

Waiting For: Sword Art Online [Dubbed]

The reason that the two DVD/Blu-Ray series aren't actually finished is because D-Gray Man got cancelled after it's second English season, they literally cut it half way through the story-line, which is a major disappointment! (I can always watch the subbed version though, which is a plus!) and HOTD also stopped half way through the story-line, though it wasn't cancelled, season two is expected at some point this year, it has to be one of my favourite anime now that I've finally seen the entire series, so I can't wait for season two!