There's an interview Charlie (film_geek) was doing with me to promote RTO. In this interview, he asked me something along the lines of 'why should people come to RTO?' Now, for those of you who know how I've made videos for Toronto events in the past, you know that I don't script anything, we just kind of go. My answer was 'look at your friends list, that's why.' for some reason I can't think of, this video was not released.

I have, and will continue to believe in a true community event. Does that mean that people I'm not friends with are invited? Fuck yeah it does! I want everyone to hang out, because this place has made marriages, movies, and the best group of friends who I wouldn't mind being invited to my funeral. If a schmuck like me has a place in this community, everyone does.

I believe a true community doesn't turn on its' own in such a public and embarrassing manner. It's entirely possible that Charlie and Mak should have been asked to step down, but to leave people pissing in the wind, blindsided by a secret vote without a chance to defend themselves... that's shitty. Hell, if you get them in a meeting, and tell them what's up, maybe they decide to step down themselves, and that gets taken care of for you.

This community is great, but I worked damn hard watched people work damn hard while I made dick jokes to make an event in Toronto mean something, and I can't help but feel cheapened by the actions taken by people in my city.

... or I would, if any of the RTO planning committee lived in Toronto, they fired the only two that live here.