I'm telling this story here because AH and RT has helped me through my last rough patch with depression, and I want to help others in the community. My story begins in the eighth grade with a girl i'll call Lily and a boy i'll call Ethan. (Not their real names. :p) So me and Lily were best friends for a year and a half then, and we both really really liked our guy best friend Ethan. I'd known him for awhile, and both me and Lily knew he smoked a LOT of weed and possibly other drugs. He did this almost every day. One day, there was a huge assembly that was called together confronting the issue of drugs. The thing that really got to me was that if you knew that someone was into drugs and they died because of it, would you be able to go to their funeral and confront their parents that you knew they were doing this? At that point, I had it. I went to a teacher that was like a mom to me with a few friends including Lily and told her some names of kids we wanted to help with their problems with drugs. Lily backed out of telling, and went and told Ethan that we were "telling" on him. This spread throughout the school wildly within a day, and soon I was being bullied beyond belief. None of the other girls that told the teacher with me got bullied, it was just me, because I was the closest with Ethan. That day I walked down the halls and got the word "snitch" yelled at me from every direction. This was right as my depression started to get bad. This caused me to spiral into a long going pit of sadness and depression. I wouldn't go an hour without thinking about suicide, and it was constantly an option to me. This even forced me into therapy, where I was diagnosed with depression, severe anxiety, and ocd. The depression began going down, but this made my anxiety come up very high. It very quickly went from wanting to die to wanting anything but death. I was afraid of so much. I have battled this ever since, and am now very happy with my life and my mental health. I have found Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter, which have so to speak completed me in the way that I had forgotten what happiness was until I discovered them. I will never be able to thank them enough. This is a sign, to everyone who is struggling. I'm telling you that sincerely from the bottom of my heart....It gets better.