"Forever" is a song about love. It's a song that represents, for me, the deepest expression of love that i know.

My response to the person who told me the lyrics were wrong....it was cruel, it was un-necessary and it was surely not based in love. That person made a mistake, based on the fact that the internet is full of information that is unreliable, and there was no reason for me to treat them so poorly.

I apologize to that person. Everyone makes silly mistakes, I have made ten of thousands and, I will make tens of thousands more.

It's easy to write harsh things on the online, things that we would never say in person. But the feeling of being told you are stupid, being told to fuck off, being bullied....that hurts just as much.

I'm sorry AgentOhio3, I shouldn't have been so crass, it was un-called-for. The song is about eternal love and the minor details of the lyrics don't matter one bit.

Please don't reply to this by saying "oh jeff, you're a classy guy...". Instead, do what I am going to do, send a friend request to AgentOhio3 and just show some love.