Well, this journal may come out very incoherently because I'm shaking due to the post-RTX depression. RTX exceeded my expectations, and I thought that I would just be another fan looking to solely attend panels and receive autographs from the staff. Well, that happened, but there was more to that.

Day 1:

I arrive in beautiful Austin, check into the hotel, and immediately go to the convention center. Unfortunately, I missed the premiere episode of RWBY, the Artists of the RT Community panel, and the live-action Surgeon Simulator Rage Quit with Dr. Jones and Dr. Free aka Team Nice Dynamite , all because my flight was delayed Don't ever go to JFK International , but there was still an opportunity for me to have some fun. The very first thing I do (after I get my weekend pass) is go to the store and buy myself a red Let's Play t-shirt and a Achievement Hunter Minecraft poster. After acquiring my gubbins, I headed up to the 2nd floor were they were hosting the RT Films/Short panel. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to enter the panel, and the line was already cut off. Heading my way to the escalators, I stumbled upon Kerry taking pictures with some fans, so I decided to intervene, and....well, this happened:


This was the only picture I took with a staff member that day, however, the day didn't end on that note. I headed back down the escalator to the Main Hall just in time to see the GTA IV Let's Play with Geoff, Jack, Ray, Michael, Gavin and Ryan. I would talk about the entire duration of the Let's Play but this journal would never end. After the Let's Play completed and the convention was wrapping up, Ray decided to come down and sign autographs for fans that have been anxiously awaiting for quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened in their entire life. I came up to him and got one of the last autographs from him that day. Even though RTX Day 1 had wrapped up, the fun didn't stop at that point.

When I got back to the hotel, the lines for the elevators were enormous, as they stretched out to the middle of the lobby. Then, a dramatic turn of events occurred. "Are you serious?" A recognizable voice broke the thick veil of the voices of RoosterTeeth fans. Only one with such power has the ability to do this, but who? Ray Narvaez, Jr. aka BrownMan . Nearly everybody turned to Ray in hopes of interaction. However, with my infinite wisdom, I decided to be the first of something that probably most would do. At the top of lungs I started repeating these famous sentences: NO RAY IN! NO RAY OUT! Sorry, Barbara . Ray scrambles for the entrance to the hotel, but is unable to escape, as the chant initiated a mob of fans that surrounded Ray almost completely. Ray eventually gave in and decided to interact with approximately 50 or so fans.

I apologize for how pretentious that description was.

Day 2:

Morning timeline (Not important): Wake up, leave the hotel, get Starbucks, get back to the hotel, drink coffee, go to the convention center.

Once I arrive there, there was a long line to get into the exhibit halls for the RT Store and etc. It was approximately 15 minutes waiting in line before....X-RAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY Not actually in his suit or with Vav started prancing through the line interacting with some fans, signing autographs, and just having some fun before the AH panel. As the main hall opened at 9 AM, the fans let loose and decided to go apeshit in preparation for the following AH panel. I decided to get an RT Podcast poster, and a set of AH slap-bands (which by the way, are FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!).

I got onto the line for the AH panel, without realizing that I was one of the very last to get into the panel. While finding a seat in the ballroom, X-Ray and Vav made an appearance at the panel. The AH guys did a Q&A with the audience, and I participated, but never got to ask a question. At one point, the Slenderman made an appearance on the mic for a question, but as he usually goes, he says nothing. I wanted to come up to the mic and battle with the Slenderman but I was afraid of losing my spot. Fuck. Eventually, Mogar took care of things, then Jack was asked to do and did the truffle shuffle before the panel ended, which was a pleasant surprise. Oh, and BTW, #FreeEdgar2013 2003 .

I went back to the hotel to have lunch, then went back to the convention center to attend the Trocadero panel. The panel didn't start for an hour, so I decided to roam around the convention center to see if I could get an autograph from anybody that works at RoosterTeeth. I found Barbara Dunkelman just hanging out right outside one of the meeting rooms. I got an autograph from her, and went directly to the Trocadero panel. It was nice to be informed about the music on RvB, ask Nico questions about the music and learn about the evolution of Trocadero.

I headed my way down to the Slow Mo Guys panel down in the main hall only to realize that I was on the wrong line the entire time I was waiting. Well, fuck. Even though I missed the panel in real life, I still got to see the panel stream on the big screen. After the SMG panel, I worked my way up to the second floor where the biggest party in Austin, aka the Attendee Mixer, was taking place. Along the way, I encountered a wild Caleb, so I decided to take one last picture with a staff member before I went to the mixer.


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