So a lot happened at RTX....
I met Sam, Liana, Ray, Tora, Bunny, Michal, Tina, Kelly, Keiry, Ali, Eric, Ben, Trevor, Caleb, Tyco, Jill, John, Connor, BenA.L., Mike, Westy and omg so many others and I know I forgot a few >.<
Liana and I were also the first to meet Eric's mom (which was a big thing for us because we wanted to meet her before Chad and Ben), Keiry, and Ali. We were quite successful.
Ok so moving on...
Chad, Mike, Westy, Eric, Trevor, Chrispen, and I tried to go see the fireworks on the 4th but we had just missed it. (also Im going to shorten things up quite a bit here) after that ended Eric bought a rose gave it to me, Mike filmed it (the YouTube video is on his channel), it was awkward, we walked somewhere, Chad made Eric and I hold hands, Mike declared himself Triple M (Match Maker Mike), and then we went to our hotels/condos.
I went to quite a few panels at RTX... the AH one, Artists of the Community, TuxedoMobs panel, Simple Walk, and Internet Box. I laughed at every one! They were great!
I also went to the Alamo with Ray, Tora, Bunny, Michal, and Liana! We saw Despicable Me 2 and Ray is basically El Macho....
A couple days earlier I had went swimming with Ray, Sam, Michal, Bunny, and Tora and we made a circle and kept spinning for some reason >.<
(also #RaysPosse )
I also played CaH with Mike, Westy, Liana, Chad, Ben, Eric and Zackizzle (before he had to leave) and that was really great xD
(wow this is kind of out of order..... OH WELL)
And then it all came to an end ;_;
Basically my goodbye night was pretty bitter sweet.... But I loved it smiley12.gif (you know who you are)
and if I saw you at the airport and didn't say goodbye it was because I'd cry too much ....
I miss everyone and I can't wait to see them all again next year. smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif