WOW! Not only did RWBY live up to all expectations set by the trailers, it also wildly surpassed them in all ways possible!

The animation was incredible, it gave a true anime feel but kept the unique aspects that can be seen in RoosterTeeth's animations.
The character roles were cast perfectly, they really did an amazing job of bringing their characters to life.
Both the sound design and title credit tracks were done insanely well, as I've said before the music used in the RWBY trailers was inspirational to me, now it's great to see they're keeping up with that level of awesomeness!
Finally.. I think that the story line is shaping up to be an amazing one, I don't think they could have created a better back story and laid it out so well in one episode, it truly is an amazing piece of work.. I can't wait for the next episode! Also, from what I could tell in the ending credit theme, there's another team of trainee hunters/huntresses that have yet to be properly revealed, I'm too excited to see their weapons and abilities, and how they fit in to the story!

Well done to everyone involved, you deserve all of the praise you're getting, it's wonderful!