I've been pretty busy, and haven't been making things easy for myself.

The short version is I dodged a bullet and my ex college sweetheart left me before I got more emotionally or financially involved.

During my last phase of training I'd run into armeav8r regularly, now its much more boring.

The instructor pilots like him were some of the most varied and colorful bunch you'd imagine. From young civilian only guys that work for the contractor teaching army aviators now, to apparently them having an instructor who has been teaching since before we landed a man on the moon (they weren't joking, we asked). I had one IP who had been with 160th since before it was the 160th. The only stuff we could get out of him was that he had 8 people on his littlebird one time, and that there was one time he had so much brass in his chin bubble he was struggling to make pedal inputs.

Been amusing myself lately with the little bit of free time I have hashing on the occasional weekend, and I've got a KWA PTP M9 that I've been using as my main means of training since I can't make it to a range (much less have the money to shoot) lately.
It was one of my depression/don't need an engagement ring anymore purchases...

Fun times.