You can even say I said "Security Protocol One." (Whovin shoutout....)

RT, you seem to be wanting to change your site to be more "hip" with the other big Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler...). That's okay.... (from a business point of view)
But everywhere I turn in the personal journals and forums, it seems everyone else seems to not like the changes. I've been here for over 6 years (wheew) and I seen a lot of changes... But when a new item come out, there seems to be blood and murder for weeks after the update. And never the changes like the bar up top that lets us navigate Home... I mean the "Likes" and the.... other stuff..

Point is, most businesses don't change unless they see more cash flow or customer happiness. Basic theory of evolution: Change to better yourself in your environment. But the Staff here don't get to see what we regular members get to see, so in theory, they have to rely on feedback from down below....
But where I'm standing, the feedback is mostly negative. Sometimes it has even driven people away.

So, my one question.....
Where does the web designers and masters get the idea that we need and should change up the site?

That is all.