I've not made a single post here for a month! A MONTH! What the hell is this?

Anyhoe, I came home from Austin two weeks ago and I've been missing it, or more like everyone I met, ever since! I really can't wait for next year, hopefully I'll be able to stay there for a longer time and hang out with everyone much more, two weeks a year is not enough!

Ever since I got home, the Swedish summer has been really Swedish, we've had rain four times today, and now I mean its been pissing down like as if all the angels and space dogs joined forces and emptied their bladders at once, and in between all that the sky has been clear blue and the sun has been puking down warmth on us.
A few days ago we had thunder for two hours straight and it was raining floods so the guinea- and chicken house at work turned into a lake. It took about three hours to get all the water out. Luckily I wasn't one of those who had to do it, sometimes it's great being in charge of people. We should build an ark though, so we'll be ready for it if it happens again.

Oh well, I'm sure you all have better things to do than to read about my weather so I'll let you off now.

If anyone would feel like playing some xbox or so at some point, just let me know! It's too bad I can't use my Batman headphones while I play though, they are so awesome! smiley13.gif