So I work for a Nissan Dealership in the Service Dept. A guy rolls up in a Nissan LEAF (Fully electric car for those who don't know), and asks to use the quick charger we have at our location. My coworker tells him to move the car in front of the charger and he'd be with him in a min.

He then proceeds to leave the guy hanging. Astounded by his lack of courtesy, I decide to take it upon myself to help the guy. I grab the charger activation fob and ask the gentleman to plug his car in (since I'm a noob and have never done it before). Turns out, the guy has Cerebral Palsy and limps up to show me how to plug it in. I FELT LIKE SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT!

So I get the guy all hooked up and learn how to use the machine in the process. He tells me that he'd be done after about 20min. So I set an alarm to remind me, and when the 20min were up, I went outside and unhooked the car. He said thank you, left, and I just laid into my coworker!

It amazes me how some people can make it as long as they do...