After finally getting around to seeing Man of Steel, I figured I'd take a stab at ol' Supes.
Superman (1978)
A perfect portrayal of Superman and a good solid foundation for his origin. Nobody likes the time travel thing at first, I've found, but it's eventually accepted as a normal Superman thing to do.

Superman II (1980)
A sequel that's better than the original!? (In my opinion, anyway) As it was set up right from the start of Superman I (literally) An all-out brawl between Superman and the Zod Squad was inevitable. Complaints: The ending. So You de-power your foes, and whats the first thing you do? Toss them into the holes in the floor of your fortress? Smart. Cause yknow, now that they have no superpowers they can't crawl out of a hole in the ground. And honestly, did Superman kill them? That seems Dark, especially for Christopher Reeves' Superman. I mean, he even let Lois Take a swing and kill one of them. Overall, I loved the movie, but I just question the logic of dealing with his enemies.

Superman III (1983)
It's good to see a Superman movie that isn't revolved around Lois Lane, for once. But then again, lose one, find another and he's got a thing for Lana again. One of only two movies without Lex Luthor, but there's still some guy taking his place and doing the exact same thing. I'll admit this movie made he laugh a few times, the junkyard scene was kind of awesome, and watching Superman Drunk and Disorderly is actually amusing to me. The rest of the movie? nooo. No thanks. Nuh uh.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Now, Superman takes a while to make his big return, from 1987 to 2006. What scares me most is what ALMOST happened in between.....
superman2f-1-web.jpg nick-cage-superman092109.jpg


Superman Returns (2006)
A nice refresher for Superman in the midst of a Comic Book Movies uprising. I actually really liked this movie despite what everyone says to me. Brandon Routh was amazing, Kevin Spacey even more so, Kate Bosworth was meh, the movie as a whole was great, and a perfect homage to Chris Reeves. Granted, Routh isn't a PERFECT match (Blue contact lenses) he still looks and acts the part well. Complaint: If you're not totally committed to franchising to open too wide for a sequel. I mean they basically put out a landing strip for Superboy, but it just wasn't meant to be. Especially in the world with Nolan's Batman. I had a brilliant idea for a sequel, it would've played out something like: It's a few years later and Superman's back in business. The island of kryptonite is flying endlessly though space when suddenly it's intercepted by Metallo/Brainiac/Mongul. They trace it back to Earth and start invading. While having Superman's weakness, they get a pretty good jump on it, until a young Superboy jumps in and saves the day with his Dad. It would be a good lead-in, and could also open for more characters.

Man of Steel (2013)
What I've always wanted was a good Superman movie was a villain Superman could beat the ever-loving shit out of. So sparing an Avengers/Justice league crossover where Superman goes toe-to-toe with the Hulk, this is the next best thing. it's a good opener for a Justice League thing and leaves plenty for an even-more-powerful Superman to do his thing. Complaint:.....well, I think HISHE said it best. Simple solution that couldve save a trillion in property damage and leave another hour of Superman figuring out how to be Clark Kent in Metropolis. I dunno, I just think there was so much more they could have done.

With Henry Cavill on the rigns, Superman's movie future looks to be bright, with a Superman/Batman crossover, and maybe one day a Justice League movie that wishes it could be as big as The Avengers. No offense, but unless GL gets good again, I don't see JL coming together well as a movie. All the movies in DCU have their larger-than-life origins (alien invasions, City takeovers, etc.) its too big as it is. If they're going to do this, they need the rest of the characters to start small. That or a S.H.I.E.L.D.-esque organization needs to get them together. Jussayin.