Just purchased a used but very collectible firearm. Manufactured by Intratec, this weapon was released from the factory as stamped on May 18th, 1986 in the United States. It is affectionately called the TEC-9. This one is fully automatic. The reason it is so collectible and rare is because released to market only HOURS before the May 19th automatic weapons ban. I have to wait until the first Sunday of next month to go to the outdoor range to fire it on full auto. It's the only rapid fire day of the month.

It is estimated that it costs about $25.50 (using my preferred Winchester 9mm ammunition) to fire this weapon... for one second. Aside from the problem of having no butt stock, no fore grip, a stick magazine and a lobbing heavy bolt, it's a blast to shoot. I expect the first round will be right on target... the second above and to the side, and the rest everywhere else. It's a "Spray and Pray".

With the current ammo shortage today, I have been buying as much 9mm ammo as I can.

The best bit is because it is legally classified as a pistol and not an assault weapon, there was no need for a Class 3 dealer license. Also, to debunk a myth, you do NOT need a class 3 permit to purchase, own or operate automatic weapons... Just a lot of spare money. Sadly, after 10 trips to the range for full auto, the cost of the ammo will supersede the $850 it cost for the weapon itself. HOWEVER, it DID come with a bad ass add-on. A wipeless suppressor!

I don't know what it will be like to fire it on full auto, but I know that after half a magazine on semi, the barrel is hot enough to cook with. The heat shield does jack squat at that point. I will upload video if it in use. It came with 2 magazines, and the instructions say to not fire more than 2 magazines in sequence on full auto within any 20 minute period... otherwise the barrel and chamber will warp and start to melt.

YAY for stamped steel components!

To be honest... with the magazine out, it kinda looks like a caulking or grease gun.

Lastly... this will NOT be used for home defense. It's VERY short range, and on full auto I would more likely destroy my home than even strike the assailant. The clerk said it's more accurate if you throw the weapon itself as a dead weight, and that the weapon was made for providing cover fire and to clear rooms.

Now, if I could only find an Uzi that was full auto and available for under $2,500!

I am really trying to stick to 9mm so I can use my ammo in any of my weapons. It makes life much easier.