So i did write a massive long journal about this year supanova and the fucking thing didnt post properly and im too tired to try rewrite. so im gonna write about what happened at the VIP party because it was awesome.

I wish I took more photos at the party but i was being really respectful to the guests as they all had a full on day signing. Thank heck it was an open bar with a tab.

Chatted to Alan Tudyk, man he is a handsome ginger and a great guy, we chatted over scotch it was great.

The weasley twins Oliver and James Phelps were super nice. I found Ollie to be friendlier than James.

The Merlin boys were a hoot, ended up talking to Charlotte, Eoin's other half, and she is both drop dead gorgeous and so down to earth. I introduced myself and mentioned that i follow her on twitter and she was surprised by that. she said that i was the 1st person to ever introduce themselves to her at one of these sort of parties because most people want to talk to Eoin and the boys. we had a great chat about Perth and how its that kind of city that you could walk around and unless someone picked you from work you have done they wouldnt bother you.(i did tell Alan this fact as well). I really do hope Charoltte comes back to Perth for a visit, i would be happy to show her around.

my highlight of the night was the fact that i broke down and cried infront of Carrie Fisher. A wave of emotion came over me, and it wasnt the fact that SHE'S PRINCESS FUCKING LEIA.
It was because in her last book 'Shockaholic' theres parts in some of the chapters about how when some of her close friends passed away she was there with them as they went to the great beyond. Any way when was listening to this, i had the audiobook so i can listen when im at work by myself on mondays, this brought up the memory of when my nanna passed away and that i wasnt able to say goodbye to her. Any way so there i am trying to explain to her through the sobs that is wasnt because she was Princess fucking Leia but to thank her for writing that chapter and how it brought back memories. She just grabbed both my hands and said ' honey dont worry im bipolar and am an emotional fuck up too. when ever something like that happens to me now i just go watch WW2 documentaries.' she then pulled me into a hug and kissed me on the cheek and that was it. i didnt want to take any more of her time as there were other VIP's who wanted to chat to her. - now as you may have guessed i was crying they whole time i was typing that last bit. I truly am an emotional fuck up.

I was able to catch up with one of my friends who is a writer and is currently writing the DC Injustice series.

so about 9:30 some of the supanova staff arrive and it got crowded but it was good. my scotch and sodas became more and more less watered down and i was drinking them way too and Dave(keeps an eye on the hired security) had a great chat and managed to grab a top shelf scotch- cant remember what it was but it was smooth.. chatted with alot of my con family. and just had a great night. i really wish i got more photos but alas theres always next year.