So folks... how have you been? I hope you've liked all the videos that have been done for Toronto Unconventional. They've been a blast to make and, for me, they really capture the spirit that existed back when we were doing the first couple of RvBTO's, the idea that 'well, who cares what we do,we just need to make sure we drink and have fun.'

As most of you guys know, I've been through a tonne of these, summer 2014 will be the 10th time people have gathered in Toronto, and while all I've done is host the damn things, I couldn't be prouder to see what's become of this event, and more importantly, what's become of the people.

In other news, I've started working at Porter... it's friggin awesome. I've never worked for a company I liked and respected before, and it's weird that now, coming in on the other side, I'm given even more reasons to actually dig this company, and the outlook they have. Porter is going to be hiring quite a bit more in the future, and I highly recommend all of you folks check Porter Airlines out if you're in the Toronto area and looking for a good place to work that doesn't steal your soul.

Hmmm, what else? Ooh, I got the script for Charlie's next movie... and there's a slight problem. He wants me to act. Like, not just be a face on screen, but convey serious emotions. I'm the heart of this goddamn thing, and it's going to be tough, but I'm not afraid of working my ass off.

I'm well aware now that I've kind of fought more than a little bit with depression this year, and if I'm truly honest with myself, it's probably been closer to three years. I feel like I'm coming out of a shell that was a cocoon designed to look like John, and was funny, but used that humour to hide from anything real.

Life is coming, and I can't fucking wait!