Whilst searching through the books that Walmart had, I came upon a curious tome of information that was a Historia on the world of Hyrule. Now anyone familiar with the Zelda series probably knows that deciphering the chronological order of the Zelda series is a daunting task. Thankfully the book gave a run down of its events. Now as I was only skimming through the book, I couldn't remember all the details, but here are details I was able to memorize.

Skyward Sword is the "First" starting point in the game's story and details how Heaven and Earth were created. Spirit Tracks is the "Last" game in the series so far and details the founding of a new Hyrule kingdom.

The story also has two branching paths. Every game in which Link remains as a child takes place after the events of Ocarina of time, during which Link is sent back to his own time period to live out his youth. And apparently every game that takes place with Link as an adult happens during the 7 year period when Link vanishes and Ganondorf takes over Hyrule. I wonder how that makes sense, as he's clearly awake and wandering around saving the kingdom, but that's what I was able to learn from the book before I had to put it down and leave.

Hopefully this information can shed some light on those trying to decipher the series of events in which Zelda takes place.