so i am currently, as i chat and maintain activity on the site, wrapping my right palm up. today was odd, it started with heavy rain and ended with bloody fingers. My sister's boyfriend's, whom is one of my roommates as is she, sister came into town. god a mouth full to say my sister's boyfriend's Sister so imma call her from this point one SBS. so SBS came into town and my sister was excited because she wanted to be a host to kin like my ma was when we were younger. spent the rainy morning cleaning up and what not dressing nicely as well. when SBS got here. SBS and SB(sisters boyfriend) ditched my sister. she was erm... less then happy about this. so most the day she was upset about this well it ended up around 11pm and my sister told me not to let in SB and she was though with him. so as a good brother i locked the door and resolved not to let him in. man... that was stupid. bout an hour ago he tried to come home.... bout 40 mins ago he broke in... bout 35 mins ago a knife was drawn and a bit of a fight happened. it ended with him holding the blade and fighting over it for a while. it ended with no more fighting at least and now i have this craved up hand.

question? why am i always the one pulled into stupid fights? i try to act tough but honestly i'm more of a talker then a lover or a fighter! anyway i guess i have complained enough for tonight so cheers to my new Community! hope you all are having a wonderful day and night!