got home and now i'm worned out. work was... mmm trying? i stumbled into work in an extremely late shift working 6 pm to 10 pm is basicly a shitty shift all around but hay i like money so i went to work. i arrived promptly a quarter to six and my co-worker whom will be known as Trojan was in the kitchen. as i passed our hot case it was basicly empty with just one box of hot and spicy out. i waved to Trojan and smiled and he smiled back and said i was in charge of kitchen and he was off to break.... naturally this annoyed me to begin with. as a rush hit as he left and i was blamed for nothing being cooked for the to-go's... so two hours of my 4 hour shift i was behind trying to get everything up to snuff... finally... i could start cleaning at 8... this is unreasonable because i tend to be cleaning at 6 to 7. no worries as i finished everything at 10... Trojan was behind... and having the easier of the jobs in the deli was the only one closing asked me to stay to help. i smiled and said kitchen is done the rest was his i had someplace to be. oh the joy and knowing he will not be out until midnight is very good but now as i type this out i remember i had plans with Weiss and Josh. ugh so i guess i blew them off! oh well i will see them tomorrow i need to say i'm sorry bout ditching them i guess.