I've been interested to see what's in the new Champions Bundle for Halo 4. Not a list of what it is, no. I want a picture gallery of every last item or feature that's in the new DLC. I looked into it and can't find all of it. But the search did get me thinking that I want some older stuff that I can't or won't get (due to certain aspects that will be explained).
As is well known, Halo 4 had a special Xbox released for it. This bundle came with a copy of the game, a new XBox model, a new controller model, and some exclusive DLC. The DLC for the bundle was an awesome armor, a matching armor for your avatar, a prop, a weapon skin, and an emblem. Ahh, yes, the Fotus. A majestic unicorn armor styled after the Promethean Crawler. It looked awesome. I wanted it. I still do.
The problem? it only came with the bundle and I didn't have $300 to lay down. I also already had an Xbox and I like the sleek black look. So, I watched online chatter about the armor. Some people, I noticed, didn't like the look and said they would get rid of it. Well, maybe they might give it away or sell it for a few dollars. Boy did I underestimate the price! Or maybe I was overconfident in a human's moral integrity. I searched high and low and the best deal was for $20. I wanted the armor really bad, but at most it's a $5 DLC. some people were even selling it for $50-$100. Not the whole bundle or maybe the controller and such, just the code for the DLC.
Anyway, I decided I might check out pricing for it now (about a year after, right?) I can get it for a minimum of $40. Or I could use a code generator.
This whole rant brings me to a question for you, my friends:
What do you think it is that allows a human being to be so ridiculously greedy that they would ask such a steep price for something so trivial? They didn't want it to begin with, why are they asking for $100? How can anybody live with themselves asking for so much in return for so little? What has the world come to that this is a thing? Why are people so terribly selfish?
Sorry to drag on but I have a short story to finalize. I had a friend of mine ask for a subscription code until they could renew their Xbox Live Gold status. D'you know what I did? I dug out the free code that came with my Legendary Edition of Halo 4, typed it into a direct message on twitter, and sent it off saying " I hope this helps. tell me if it worked." I didn't ask for money or any special treatment. I just got rid of it. I wasn't going to use it, I buy a whole year the week before my subscription runs out. I'm sure this person simply forgot it was running out shortly. But I didn't need that card. I also, didn't need money. I just wanted to help.
Think about it.