Something I've been thinking about recently...

Dunbar's Number is about social networking, in a way, and details relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person. The current estimate of Dunbar's number is about 150. So take a look at your friends list.

I'll wait.

Do you know how those people relate to other people? Do you have more than 150 friends?

I usually cull my facebook friends every year or so... if I've gone more than a year without talking to you, you're out. I do try to actually keep track of the people on my various friends lists' and I still tend to feel overwhelmed, and my facebook is at 180ish people.. I don't use Twitter for anything social, but I use it as a list of people who post interesting articles, opinions, and very few friends, overall, and I often think I can push my twitter to 200 people.

So I'm curious, folks... what kinds of numbers do you feel comfortable with keeping track of on various social networking sites? If pressed, can you take 150 random people on those lists and explain how they fit together?

Hope you're all doing well.