Alright everyone, when it comes to workouts, I've had a really lazy summer with little exercise and lots of TV and PC combined with tons of junk food. This is nothing that I'm very proud of and I think it's time to do something about it!

Here's how I'm gonna do it:

smiley9.gif Since I enjoy watching tv, sit by the computer and play xbox I don't want to give that up so instead I'm gonna use it as a motivation.

smiley9.gif So, for every hour that I exercise, I get an hour of "lazy time". As simple as that.

I also happen to have a weakness for candy and other tasty but not so healthy things so I need a plan for that as well:

smiley9.gifI don't believe in the "cut of all snacks and junk food"-rule. I like candy so I'm not gonna stop eating it. BUT I can reduce the amount.

smiley9.gifI'll "give myself" 15-20 sek (about 2-3 dollars) a week to spend on whatever snacks I want, and that includes drinks. These I can use on which day or days that I want.

smiley9.gifWhen it comes to going out to bars and other places, I'll stick to once a month (if I'm going to drink, go out and stay sober is something I can do as often as I want). When I'm out to drink, 3 drinks and maybe a shot is well enough. Look at the amount of calories ONE drink contains and you'll know what I mean.

smiley9.gif Last but not least, I'M GONNA WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN, that way I'll be able to see my (what I hope) progress and that will also work as a motivation. It'll also make it easier not to cheat, it doesn't feel great to write down "Today I ate a whole bag of candy, drank a can of coke and played xbox for three hours."

So that's my plan, and it would be so awesome if anyone (or several for that matter) from the community would like to join me on this!! We could pep talk each other and help one another to stay on track. And if anyone would want help with different exercises, I'd be more than happy to give some tips. You don't need a gym or fancy equipment to get in shape!

smiley13.gifLET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!! smiley13.gif