The weekend has happened, so it is now Thursday and all I can say is that last weekend was mighty fine smiley13.gif , to say the least. To say the most, for starters, Friday night/ Saturday morning I went to the Theros release event and managed to pull Thassa and the Spear of Heliod and some other cards, but the cards I mentioned are the two primary cards that I wanted with this set so I was super thrilled. Unfortunately I had to leave the event early, because I had to work later that day which I was not mad about because... I finally volunteered for a convention. Yes, I got to work at a small local anime convention, but other than that there is not much to say about it since it was so small but there were a lot of interesting cosplayer and eventually I will post some pictures that I took. The only other thing that I can say about the convention is that I got a pretty well done commission of Erza from Fairy Tail smiley0.gif , again I eventually scan and put it on Rooster Teeth for everyone to see; this will probably happen about the same time that I properly scan the commission of Weis I got at RTX since I am a little tired of it just being a picture that I took of it in my hotel room.
So to finish this off in a sense that everyone can understand
1. Went to Theros prerelease
2. Volunteered at a Convention
3. Got a Kickass Commission of Erza
4. Will eventually scan the commissions that I have
5. Awesome Weekend