So like... haven't really posted a journal since RTX... so ummm

Well updates I guess? Started University, it's pretty great. I'm hoping to major in Technical Communications with Journalism as my minor. I'm in the musical here (Spamalot) and I have a ton of small dancing and singing parts. My roommate moved in with my suitemate (a suite is where two rooms are separated by a bathroom that you all share) so I have my own room/suite currently. [Dont ask why she moved out because I have no idea, Im not a mean person .-. ] Also I miss my cat like crazy ;~;

Been playing GTAV like everyone else. I completed the campaign I chose C let me know what you chose and how it was different and what I chose.

I'm usually on Twitter more, so if you want to follow me, you can do so there. @ MLP_Nycole ((No I will not go through linking it properly because I'm lazy))

So yeah, how's everyone else? How is school/college? How's your cat? What'd you have for dinner? smiley12.gif