Well for the month of Halloween (October) just got done playing Chainsaw Warrior on Easy and then died on Medium then beat it on Hard. LOL

For those that do not know Chainsaw Warrior is a historic Games Workshop single player Card game that predates the now hallmark Warhammer 40,000. Playing it and seeing the how the artwork compares to Warhammer 40K reminds me of playing Bungie's classic game Marathon and seeing some of the comparisons that made it to their now hallmark game HAL0. Chainsaw Warrior is a dice and card game where you create a Character out of dice roll and then select equipment out of cards which are sorted into categories as Hand Weapons, Guns and Heavy Weapons, Devices and Clothing and a special laser lance which is used for the boss battle. You have to go through two decks of cards which represents a variety of hazards to include traps and enemies as well as some supplies in order to defeat the boss the Darkness. (Cast the Magic Missile at it!). The time limit is more like action points giving you a total of 120 actions to beat the game. The cards are split into two decks of 60 with the Boss card always shuffled into the second deck. You can escape the building but if you do that deck will get reshuffled and you will have to start all over. (so don't escape till the 2nd deck)

As for the video game it is a true board game to videogame adaptations. Which is almost a shame because they haven't added anything new. The only reason to play it is for nostalgia value or for those who are a fan of Games Workshop games. The standard options are the game Easy (slightly randomized stats, full view of cards before purchasing them) Medium (more randomized stats, blind card purchase) and hard (completely randomized stats, random equipment) It has you have to click a button to do everything from flip a card to roll the dice (even after you selected an action which would require to roll the dice) I found out the best way to beat it is to give the CATs equipment card to the Laser Lance as it is the only thing which can beat the Darkness. If you got high Hand to hand skill try to equip the chainsaw (as it is chainsaw warrior) as it is the best melee weapon. If you have both high agility and high marksmanship then grab 2 weapons and shoot through just about everything except for the weak zombies (strength 9 or less) which you should hand to hand to save ammo. However still the game is a slot machine with luck the determining factor if you win or lose. As on my hard run (which I thought I was going to sure fail after my medium run and the poor stat rolls on hard) I fell through the chasm and had to escape the building (pass 5 cards then reshuffle deck to start over) I hit the chasm trap which will defeat you unless you have an certain item or able to skip it which forced me to escape the 2nd building deck. On my way out I encounter the boss. I couldn't get the shot (even with 2D6+3>11) however with the cats (add 1 to marksmanship and luck shot) I was able to roll a 5 and kill it winning the game.
AS far as the game I would like to add some house rules like alternate character creation where you can choose between having a low stat but highly equipped rookie a high stat but lightly equipped veteran and a highly specialized elite with low stats and light equipment. Also some alternate deck design like having 4 30 card decks where after the first deck you have to choose out of the remaining 3 decks with the boss hidden in one of them. or having one massive 120 card deck with the boss always being at the end. Maybe variable time settings giving you twice as much action points but the so called nightfall penalty still happens after 60 actions. Either way it is a simple time kill and nothing much more. I would not say that strategy overrides luck (quite the opposite) but I find it amusing to say the least. I got an alternative to FTL as far as my single player laptop games go and with that being avalible on android devices and ipads, makes me wish for the FTL to come to Ipad sooner.