I worked as a combat advisor in Afghanistan last year. It's a high-risk job that's both rewarding and frustrating, and it requires people to think on their feet and keep their heads on a swivel. Security Forces are required for combat advisors to move about the battlefield, and for my team advising Afghan police, they were dual-hatted and spent a lot of time helping us to assist and mentor the Afghans. We never would have survived, much less succeeded, without our SECFOR.

I found out today, my SECFOR squad leader died today from an infection after spinal surgery a few weeks ago. He was a damned fine NCO and a good man with 4 tours under his belt and the physical damage that went with it. He definitely defied all the stereotypes about the Guard, and I would have gone to war anywhere with him and his squad watching my back. Last I heard from him two days ago, he was planning to come home from the hospital yesterday. Ain't that a sucker punch in the gut bucket.

AATW and RIP Leon, you earned it. See you at the alpha alpha.

To us and those like us.