According to my recently refreshed awards, I now have over 100 people watching me...yeah, it's a bit creepy. I figured the least I could do for my adoring fans is let them know why they don't get anything from their ever-so-valued watch button click.

Well, it looks like my last journal entry was just over a year ago. What has happened since then? I switched Canadian Tires. They were building a new one in my area and closing mine, so I went over, helped them set up, and spread my general knowledge all over the place. Those were long, tiring days, but they paid off because the store is pretty busy, and the staff is becoming well known in the area for their excellent customer service. You're welcome.

Shortly after the store opened, around January 2013, I reduced my hours. I had realized that I was too comfortable with that job, and that I wasn't motivated to actively search for a teaching job. So, I halved my hours in order to motivate myself. At first, I was hired on-call at two more private schools, but that still wasn't very regular work. I also began filling the extra time by volunteering more at my church, at which I am now in a leadership role (which means lots of meetings), and which is presently in the process of developing our adjacent property (which means more meetings).

In March, I got a call from one of my schools asking if I would be interest in covering a medical leave. A teacher was on the wait list for surgery, and they were expecting to need me in September for about half a year. At the end of April, I got a call back saying that her surgery was scheduled for May I was needed right away. So, I spent May-June teaching math, chem and biology, which was really busy because I had to learn Bio and relearn Chem, and my contract runs until the end of December 2013. Then, through the summer, I taught summer school, only returning to Canadian Tire for about 2 weeks before I was back in school for prep. Right at the beginning of summer, I got a call from another one of my schools asking if I would be interested in a job from Feb-Jun 2014. This would work out perfectly, so I accepted. Knowing that I would be gone for pretty much a year, I offered my resignation to Canadian Tire, but they wouldn't let me quit. "Let's just play it by ear," were the exact words. Hey, I'm not complaining.

So, since September, I have been teaching all the Senior High math courses, plus biology 11/12 and a Bible 10 class. That's a very full work load, plus all my extracurriculars. This is why I haven't been on this site lately: because my evenings have consisted of studying, planning, and marking until the wee hours of the morning, and I likely won't be able to return regularly for a while. smiley2.gif

tl;dr: I'm a busy guy. You're all awesome.