Well, I've been writing a book. Yes, yes, I know you've probably heard that from a million people before, but I mean it! Some of the images on my profile are actually "concept art" for characters in it. So, as proof of my commitment to getting this thing done, I've decided to publish, in the loosest form of the word, the prologue of my work. It's a rough draft with emphasis on "rough", so be gentle. Enjoy.

Cecile and her friend were relentless. They bounced up and down in their pajamas on Cecile's bed waiting for Jonathon to return. It was getting late. And two girls of six should be asleep at such an hour, but they were holding out until they got what they wanted.
It was only until after Jonathon returned did there energetic fracas cease. Jonathon himself was rather tired, but he knew his daughter and her friend had more than enough energy to outlast his willpower. And their demands were not entirely outlandish.
"So, what shall it be this time, girls? The Princess Bride, or perhaps the Beauty and the Beast?' Jonathon said, sliding his finger over the electronic reader and sifting through its near limitless volumes.
"We've heard all those stories daddy!' Cecile protested.
"Yeah, we wanted a new story!' Her friend followed.
"Oh dear. It seems we may have finally exhausted all the child-friendly stories on my tablet. Are you sure you've heard them all?' Jonathon said, rereading through the volume titles.
"C'mon daddy, we can hear a grown-up story, we're big girls!' Cecile pleaded.
"Yeah Mister Jon, we're big girls!' her friend echoed.
"Sometimes, I wish it weren't so.' Jonathon sighed. "But it's true. You girls are growing up, perhaps faster than I expected. I'm sorry though, but I don't think I have any stories that are quite up to your intellectual level.' He laughed.
"You shouldn't tease daddy!'
"Yeah, no teasing!'
"Fine, fine. But I really don't think I have a good story left on this reader you have not been told.'
"Then make one up. Tell us one of your old stories, like what grandpa used to do.'
"Great-grandpa. He was my grandpa, and he actually did most of those things. He didn't make them up.'
"He really fought the devil off with a shovel?' Cecile's friend interjected.
Jonathon rolled his eyes. "Okay, he may have exaggerated a little. But he did fight in the Demon Wars.'
"Can we hear one of those stories?' Cecile asked.
"Well, those stories aren't really meant for little girls.' Jonathon paused. Something came into his head, a story he was all too familiar with. He tossed the idea around in his head for awhile, and finally said, "Though, I may have a story for you after all. It's not one I necessarily made up, but it's one a lot of people know.'
"Oh, tell us that one daddy!'
"Yes, Mister Jon, please tell us!'
"Okay, okay, I just need a moment to remember.' Jonathon tried to make some details vague, and made some of his own revisions so they were more appropriate. "Have you girls ever heard the story of the Black Knight and the White Witch?'
Both girls shook their heads. Jonathon smiled.
"It's a fairly old story that begins in a time long ago. It was a time of magic and kings. There were terrible monsters and brave knights. The bravest and strongest of them was the Black Knight.'
"I thought black knights were the bad guys.' Cecile interrupted.
"Being dark is not the same as being evil, Cecile. A bright light can be blinding, it takes a little darkness now and then to even things out. Now, where was I? Oh yes, the Black Knight. He was the bravest and strongest in the King's army. He had led and won countless battles, killed all sorts of monsters, and was so feared by the other kingdoms that the very prospect of him being used against them was enough to prevent them from waging war.
"For a time, there was peace amongst the kingdoms. That was until one day a scout brought a terrible message back to the king. A witch in the marshlands had been turning the King's men into horrible monsters that were attacking the villages. In reaction to this threat, the King called upon the Black Knight and his warriors to deal with the witch. Immediately the Black Knight and his comrades took off for the marshlands. They cut down many a monster in their path, until they finally arrived at the witch's cave. The Black Knight told his soldiers to wait for him, and he entered alone to fight the witch himself.'
"Why would he go alone?' Cecile's friend asked.
"Well, you see, the Black Knight knew that the witch was turning other knights into monsters. And he did not want to endanger the men under his command. He was truly a virtuous knight. And so he entered the cave, and was shocked to see that the witch was not an ugly old crone, but a beautiful young woman. It was her beauty that stayed the Black Knight's hand, and she struck him with her spell.'
"Oh no!' Cecile yelped.
"Oh yes, but before he was turned into a monster, the Black Knight removed his helmet, revealing him to be a handsome young man, far younger than a man of his exploits should have been. Upon seeing his face, the witch altered her spell, and instead of turning the Knight into a beast, she instead granted him greater strength and power.'
"Why did she do that?' Cecile asked.
"I'm glad you asked. You see, the witch had been looking for a strong companion to help her in her nefarious ploys. Only a powerful warrior like the Black Knight would be able to help her. That, and she was somewhat taken by his rugged good looks.' The girls laughed.
"The Black Knight raised his sword to kill the witch for her treachery, but before he could strike the witch offered him a deal instead.'
"What deal?' the girls asked in unison.
"If he spared her life and became her protector, she would grant him untold power and a kingdom of his own. He could rule as he saw fit and no longer serve a king as long as he lived. The Black Knight thought about this for a moment, and then agreed.'