So I've been a member of this site for over 8 years, but the real reason I stayed for so long (at least active and not lurking) was the grifball community. I was really active during the Halo 3 days, but I kinda not so much since then. Only playing semi-regularly then scarcely.

But I was recruited and bid on by Defiance during the AGLA Amateur Bid League. I know with my schedule, I still won't be able to make it to a lot of games but getting back to being competitive has gotten my juices flowing. Especially a 7-2 domination and a 5-4 clutch comeback. Plus it's more content for the YouTube channel. Tonight, I get to play against some friends and teammates so it should be even more fun.

One of the games will be streamed on the GrifballHub Twitch channel.

If not, you can always watch my POV later when I upload the videos to my YouTube playlist.

Here's the latest video.