Madness = first steps on the road to unlocking true sanity.

The world we experience, and have come to address as reality, is often referred to as an illusion by philosophers over the years. Madness, insanity, derangement, whatever you want to call it, has often been associated with casting off this illusion and having one's mind to shatter.

For many psychopaths, they claim madness has brought them truth, to which I say that this is only half right. Madness does, indeed, tear away the illusion of reality, but leaves behind a chaotic, jumbled mess that is difficult to make sense of with all its riddles and frequently shifting concepts. The knowledge that lunatics claim to possess comes like a raging flood, rather than a flowing river. It is like trying to speed read through a book by rapidly cycling through pages with your thumb, and only being able to catch a few sentences when you strain them into focus.

Much like mending a broken limb, the construction of the mind must be broken again before it can be set into place and properly heal. The first step towards fully realizing true sanity is to shatter your mind which has been constructed during childhood when you were young, foolish, and inexperienced. You are an adult now, and your grasp of wisdom is farther reaching than when you were an infant believing the world was innocent and pure. Allow your mind to crumble as you snap free of its constraints, and then, when the truth starts to pour in, set about healing your mind with the knowledge that comes with it.

Madness is not the key to understanding the true nature of the world around us, it is merely the tool for which we take the first steps. They say reality is what you make of it, which I believe is correct. The problem, however, is that we often form that reality while we knew nothing of the world. Throughout our childhood, we have been told by parents, teachers, friends, television, and books how the world exists and they have all had an effect on shaping our view of the world and the reality therein. But I believe when one has reached a suitable age to think for themselves, they can form their own reality, free of the opinions and constraints of others who are locked in the same illusion.