dream of anything
i'll make it all come true
everything you need
is all i have for you
i'm forever
always by your side
whenever you need a friend
never far behind

if the stars all fall
when there's no more light
and the moon should crumble
it will be alright

don't you worry about the dark
i will light up the night with the love in my heart
i will burn like the sun i will keep you safe and warm
like the smell of a rose on a summer's day
i will be there to take all your fears away
with a touch of my hand i will turn your life to gold

let's have everything
nothing we cannot do
every heart just beaming
every sky turns blue
i'm so happy
just to have you here
smiles turn to sunshine
worries disappear

when the days turn dark
and we start to fall
i will pick you up and
we will fix it all


don't worry i've got you
nothing will ever harm you
i'm close by i'll stay here
through all things I will be near

close your eyes
don't you cry
love's around you
in time you'll fly