So I have been writing a lot for school, and I have not thought of a decent journal to write for a while now. But the time has come to a point were I believe I have a suitable posting that will tantalize anyone that is willing to read, ok not really but it worth a try to say that. Well anyway I am not going to post this journal just yet because it is still in the works and it is so long that I have Gargrantuan reading it over. So as soon as he back gets back to me I will add art than post for the world to see, and all that I have to say is that I am super excited about it that I just had to write a stand alone journal just teasing it. Just so that you know it is a journal regarding the new Pokemon game just so you know ahead of time what it is sort of about. smiley0.gif

I hope that you will when it does come out. smiley13.gif