The soundtrack is a 2-disc set featuring 2 hours of music. Disc 1 "Score" includes 16 tracks, all of the instrumental music from RWBY Chapters 1-16. Disc 2 "Soundtrack" includes 12 tracks, all the songs heard in Volume 1 and more.

I'll post images of the covers and the track list. I'll post lyrics later this week.

For the first two weeks of sales, both the digital versions (iTunes, etc) and the physical CD (RT Store) will sell for $9.99. After that, the price rises to $12.99. This is the cost for entire 2 hour 2-disc set, all 28 tracks.

Last year, the RvB Season 10 CD hit #3 on iTunes. (I think you know what I hope happens with the RWBY CD!! We can do this!!)

The kindness and positive energy of the RT community throughout this last year has had EVERYTHING to do with the success of the RWBY music. Meaning...I truly get so much energy from you. At times when I think I have nothing left, no more good ideas or catchy melodies...I then get one more kind message here...and I find something new.

Thank you so much for everything, and we hope you enjoy the complete RWBY Volume 1 Soundtrack.

Jeff and Casey smiley12.gif