i couldn't take it couldn't stand another minute
couldn't bear another day without you in it
all of the joy that I had known for my life
was stripped away from me the minute that you died

to have you in my life was all i ever wanted
but now without you I'm a soul forever haunted
can't help but feel that i had taken you for granted
no way in hell that i can ever comprehend this

i wasn't dreaming when they told me you were gone
i was wide awake and feeling that they had to be wrong
how could you leave me when you swore that you would stay
now i'm trapped inside a nightmare every single fucking day

it's like a movie but there's not a happy ending
every scene fades black and there's no pretending
this little fairy tale doesn't seem to end well
theres no knight in shining armor who will wake me from the spell

i know you didn't plan this
you tried to do what's right
but in the middle of this madness
i'm the one you left to win this fight

red like roses
fills my head with dreams and finds me
always closer
to the emptiness and sadness
that has come to take the place of you

i know you're broken down by anger and by sadness
you feel I left you in a world that's full of madness
wish i could talk to you if only for a minute
make you understand the reasons why i did it

i wanna tell you that you're all that ever mattered
want you to know that for eternity i'm shattered
i tried so hard just to protect you but i failed to
and in a prison of abandonment i've jailed you

i never planned that i would leave you there alone
i was sure that i would see you when i made it back home
and all the times I swore that it would be okay
now i'm nothing but a liar and you're thrown into the fray

this bedtime story ends with misery ever after
the pages are torn and there's no final chapter
i didn't have a choice I did what I had to do
i made a sacrifice but forced a bigger sacrifice on you

i know you've lived a nightmare
i caused you so much pain
but baby please don't do what i did
i don't want you to waste your life in vain


you're not the only one who needed me i thought you understood
you were the one i needed and you left me as I always feared you would
would I change it if i could?
it doesn't matter how
the petals scatter now
every nightmare just discloses
it's your blood that's red like roses
and no matter what I do
nothing ever takes the place of you