born with no life; into subjugation
treated like a worthless animal
stripped of all rights; just a lesser being
crushed by cruel ruthless human rule

when it started
all we wanted was a chance to live our lives
now in darkness
taking everything we want and we will rise
we'll rise
we'll rise

from shadows
we'll descend upon the world
take back what you stole
from shadows
we'll reclaim our destiny
set our future free
and we'll rise
and we'll rise

above the darkness and the shame
above the torture and the pain
above the ridicule and hate
above the binding of our fate

call us liars, degenerates and killers
psychos, heartless, insane criminals
stupid mutts and nothing but pure evil
primal bloodshed is all that's left to do
we're misguided?
treated like we're criminals and we should hide
born indicted
tired of being pushed around and we will fly
we'll fly
we'll fly