Hey, it's me writing a journal as promised. I used to write journals on here on a regular basis, but ever since I've gotten into Twitter, that's essentially become the primary method of social networking I've been using. Facebook too, but even that's reduced.

It's not only me, either. I've noticed a massive amount of people that I know have stopped or have very much reduced using this site as the primary social networking interaction and now only occasionally check it. Unlike most people though, I don't blame the earlier site redesign, or really anything else that's in RT's control. It's just that Twitter has become a much bigger hub for people than before. Most of the RT staff is far more active on twitter, which I don't blame them for, and there's just something that's so fun and easy with being about to send snarky one liners or simple thoughts to other people or just your followers in general. It's a different world.

I do, however, often lament the ability to post long thoughts, such as this one, which Twitter obviously does not allow for, and facebook is filled with too many people I knew from childhood that it would be weird. So I believe we're neglecting this place and need to step up our game. It allows for the type of space for whatever we want to post combined with the people we care about sharing it with. Now I'm not saying anyone should feel forced to do anything, nor am I saying that the site is being abandoned. Far from it, the next generation of fans is on here, full force which I'm very happy to see.

But I want to read more cool content from people I care about. I watch 111 people and yet there's only a few journals or posts per day that I'm seeing. So yeah, let's see what we can do about this.