**Take note that this is not an official SCP and is a creation of my own, feel free to criticize all you like!**

SCP-1933 "The Alternate Reality Device'

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1933 is to be contained in Site-39 in a 12'ft by 20'ft cell, and is to be monitored constantly. Any instances of SCP-1933-1 are to be reported immediately and preparation for a Keter level containment breach are to be initiated. Staff involved in researching and testing SCP-1933 are to be escorted by a security team of at least 5, and are to be wearing radiation-resistant suits at all times, as well as said staff. If staff are in SCP-1933's cell whilst an instance of SCP-1933-1 has emerged from SCP-1933, they are to be considered deceased and no rescue teams are to be deployed as ordered from the 05 of Site-39.

Object Description: SCP-1933 is a necklace made out of a gold like metal, with a pendent with a transparent crystal inside of it. When worn by a subject of at least 15 years of age, subjects will fall in an immediate acoma in which no methods of modern medicine can awaken them from. They can only be woken up by removing SCP-1933 from the subject, immediately waking them up. However, removing SCP-1933 results in a intense radioactive wave of energy capable of brain damage, radiation poisoning, and death in worse case scenarios.

Once they do awake, the describe that they were in a alternate reality of some kind, descriptions differ from subject to subject except for the presence of SCP-1933-1. SCP-1933-1 can be described as a tall, slender figure with three heads which resemble ones of the canis family with 8 arms and two legs, wearing a long black robe. Subjects report of SCP-1933-1 speaking to them shortly after they awake, stating that SCP-1933-1 is "coming' or has "arrived.' Shortly after a subject awakens from SCP-1933's acoma, there is a chance that SCP-1933-1 will appear next to the subject, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-1933-1 is capable of phasing through any sort of matter in known science. Any subjects within a 10'ft radius that stay within that radius for more than 2 minutes will be induced with intense fear and exhaustion. There are no known means of preventing or curing it, other than to wait out it's effects which last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 months.

SCP-1933-1 has been confirmed to be sapient, having a personality of some of the most cruel murderers within the last few centuries. SCP-1933-1 is very hateful of humans, but will converse with them if provoked to. It speaks in a deep mono-tone voice, and knows all human languages. See Addendum 1933-1-a for more information on interviews with SCP-1933-1.

SCP-1933-1 seems to be vulnerable to SCP-1933's wearer, if the subject is still wearing SCP-1933 and is near SCP-1933-1 the subject can contain SCP-1933-1 within it. This lasts until another subject wears and releases SCP-1933-1 once again.

Addendum 1933-1-a:

The following was is a audio clip from a security camera that caught a subject conversing with SCP-1933-1 during it's containment breach.


SCP-1933-1 looks at the subject with all three of it's heads, having it's arms retract to it's robe.

SCP-1933-1: "Fear not anymore mortal... You deserve this...'

Subject: "WHAT! Y-YOU CAN TALK?!?'

SCP-1933-1: "Indeed so... I have come for your judgement... For you have defied the rules...'

Subject: "WH-WHAT!'

SCP-1933-1 proceeds to [DATA EXPUNGED] the subject.

The following recording has provided insight on what exactly SCP-1933-1 is, however research concerning that is restricted to level 4 or higher staff to take care of, do to the danger of SCP-1933-1.