I ended up having to wait in line the morning of release since I hadn't pre-ordered, but I actually managed to get a PS4 on day one. It's the first console I've waited in line for on release day since the PS2 all those years ago... I figured it was about time.
So I've had it for a little over a week now and it has honestly been great. It's very quick and responsive, and it's so refreshing to finally have games running on my TV in native 1080p, especially since I'm so used to the PC environment where you can set anti-aliasing and any post-processing however you see fit, which results in superb image quality. I've always cared more about a clean and smooth image over fancy graphics, and it's been very disappointing to see everything favor the latter for so long...

I'm having a ton of fun(and stress) with Resogun, and other than a few level design issues I'm really enjoying Killzone. It's also super cool how I can switch to Netflix from a game and back without having to close and reload each time, which makes the whole experience quicker and easier.
My favorite thing so far has to be the controller. Having seen pictures of it for months I knew it was going to be good, but once I finally held it I was actually surprised how well they pulled it off. Everything about it is fantastic, and the only thing I've had issue with is getting used to the size and placement of Options/Share after being so familiar with Start/Select for decades.

I'm very happy with how everything has come together so far, and really excited to see how the platform will grow and be refined over the years.

If you have an account, add me on PSN: SolidSnake3035

Greatness Awaits...