So sometimes when life gets really busy and you're doing things like SideQuest and getting married two weeks later and moving cities and moving into an apartment with your husband (!) and turning what was once a grossly unclean (by your ladystandards) bachelor pad into a homey love nest (that is your cue to vomit) and starting a new job at a new school with new protocols and teaching a new course with a new demographic of kids and getting a new bar/restaurant to quizmaster in and just generally ADJUSTING...sometimes it takes you four or so months to realize that the reason you haven't had any notifications is that every time you've visited the site you have NEGLECTED TO LOG IN, YOU DINGBAT.

So then you log in and have like a billion notifications and friend back as far as RTX...and you find out only because of comments on your page that you were featured user...two full months ago...and you start calling yourself worse names than dingbat.

Not that any of that has ever happened to me. I was speaking hypothetically, obviously.

*EDIT* I failed to notice that my original title was longer than the character limit. It was supposed to be "But seriously, I literally spent three days doing things like scrubbing grime off the walls"