So today was an interesting day. I got Portal I on steam (I must confess, while I love the second installment I haven't tried the first until now). So far, I absolutely love it. I also became a sponsor on here and of course my title is of the highest quality. Finally, I returned to school from one blessed week of break to realise that my grades aren't nearly where I want them to be and that this term is almost over. Hopefully I can raise them on the final'”and it's not as if a 4.14 is bad in any sense'”I just wish I'd worked a little harder this semester but life is life, I suppose. I'm also super stoked for Christmas because holiday cheer and all that bullshit (I'm only in it for the presents). However, this entry will be brief, as my bed and I have a score long over due to settle. Good night, amigos. smiley9.gif

PS: If you have Pokemon Y and are willing to do a quick trade and trade back for legendaries message me or comment on my wall or something. It'd be super cool if you didn't fuck me over.