So in the lead up to the holidays, I thought I might as well talk about my past year and why it's been a good year for me.

Two words,

Team DBAH I know I've said it before, but Team DBAH has really changed my life, especially this year.

Playdates (DBAH-cherys) Podcast and just overall gaming memory's.

And while I'm thankful to all the admins and members, I must just say thanks to a few people, Wulfboi for being the greatest community manager team DBAH could have, MstrSgtBush for working so hard at recording every DBAH-chery he can, Charlie8282 the fearless leader, and the man who made me an admin, and finally FlagFanatic my Team Meth Thieves partner and an awesome friend.

So an awesome year this has been for me, what about you?