I know some people can't wait for 2013 to be over. But honestly it was the best year of my life (*Homer Simpson voice* so far). Honestly I can't remember a better year. And if yours sucked I'm sorry *hugs*. So I'll recap my year.

January-- I was at the Mikecast.... and I Meatspun in the New Year with 2,013 spins! Hahaha. Later that month RTX tickets went on sale and I told my mom and dad about RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter and they actually bought my ticket and said I could go! This was also the time I started to become good friends with Sam!

May-- a big jump here down to May! So prom was at the beginning of this month. Lol high school things. But I was actually asked to go by someone! It was a wonderful night and he was very sweet. I actually held hands with him (which was something kind of big I guess since I've never held hands with a guy before) and later that night he turned out to be my first kiss... it wasn't like make-out or anything. It was very simple. We weren't really becoming a thing so I didn't have my hopes up for anything with this guy lol. Then later on in the month I went to Motor City Comic Con '13 and I got to meet all my Michigangster friends on Twitter! There was Andy, Tristan, Jon, and Alan! They're super nice people and they made the convention super fun! Love you guys! And two days after MCCC13 I graduated high school! Good too because oh my god it was horrible for me. But it's over now. Let's not talk about that! ^_^

July-- This is where some of the best times of my life (so far) happened. I did too much to even put in this journal. But I'd like to thank Sam, Liana, Michal, Tora, Bunny, Ray, Caleb, Kerry, Mike, Westy, Kelly, Tina, Jared, Zack, Chris, Trevor, Haneef, John, Johnny, Ali, Jillian, Keiry, Ben, Chad, and Eric ( smiley12.gif ) for making RTX13 awesome! (Alrighty let's get gaaayyyy) This was also where I was able to meet Eric and there were some moments that happened that I'd love to talk about or link becaue it was so cute but also so cringe worthy and awkward... like no. Cringing right now thinking about it >.< hahaha we also shared a kiss on the last day of RTX (sad that it took us that long I KNOW OK but it was nice and cute and perfect). I was also kind of like "woah I kissed two guys in one year like woaaahhhh". But yeah... thank you Eric smiley12.gif Later on this month I went to a Jonas Brothers concert with some IRL friends and let my inner 13/14 year old self come out when they sang LoveBug and Hold On hehehehe

August-- At the end of this month I left my small little farm town in The Thumb of Michigan to go to a college town to attend Ferris State University. Such an experience. Took me a while to get settled in but I did fine.

October-- I went to my first college party(s) (woohoo who cares???) because it was fun and I actually went to a party before my roommates did hahaha losers. But I had fun at them all. Some things happened (appropriate things like... I don't drink or smoke weed and I didn't have sex) but those were awesome too! At the end of this month/beginning of November I performed in my University's musical "Spamalot" as Head Knight of Ni. I had to wear stilts for the part and I swear to god Joe if you tweet any pictures or video from it I will cut you!!!

November-- I turned 18 and finally became an ADULT WOOOOOO!!! It's been lame so far :/ Also came home for the first time since I went away to college for Thanksgiving break. Was better than expected.

December--- I finished my first semester of college. Already dreading the next semester uugghhh. Then was able to come home for Winter Break. I missed my cat so much! And my mommy... because I love her so much and I don't know what I'd do without that woman.

So that was my year, it's hard to tell everything that happened with out making it tl;dr (which it probably already is >.< ). I'm going to the Mikecast tonight to probably Meatspin in the New Year again. I hope 2014 is amazing! I'm planning on going to PAX East, Motor City Comic Con, and RTX14. So yay!!! If your 2013 year sucked I really hope 2014 is better to you. We all deserve a good year and I really hope you get it. I'd also like to send some love over to my Twitter family (Tessa, Jacqueline, and the other people I follow.. TOO MANY TO LIST I'M SORRY ;~; ) All my love to every one of you out there. smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif Thank you all for everything. smiley12.gif