Responding to Lan's scathing comment, Ernest forced himself back onto his feet and turned to stare at the boy. Lan pointed to himself, pointed to the Grimm, pointed to Ernest and each of the wolves and then made a circling motion with his arms. A normal person wouldn't have understood this at all, but being together for two years, Lan and the wolf pack understood each other. So Ernest understood that Lan needed him to distract the Grimm. Barking in understanding, Ernest then turned and howled at the pack to get them organized again, and then ran into the fray.
Planting his feet firmly into the ground, Lan began channeling the aura in his body into his right arm. Byakko had warned Lan about overusing his aura, but now wasn't the time for reservation. It was do or die. The wolves were organized once again, and even though there were fewer of them, they made up for it with their increased ferocity and desperation.
Lan had saturated his right arm with as much aura as he could muster and found that he still had aura left in him.
"Can't waste my one attack' Lan thought "If I can't fit the aura into my right arm I'll send it to other place.'
Lan filled his left arm with aura as well, and placed the little bit left into his legs to give himself an explosive dash. He was ready now and began watching for an opening.
The wolves were visibly exhausted now and were barely able to keep the Grimm off balance, many of them succumbing to wounds and falling to the ground. Noticing that Lan was ready, Ernest barked out a command to the remaining wolves. The wolves then leapt away from the Grimm and began glowing red, putting in the last motes of their aura. Before the Grimm could react, the wolves began using the multi-directional aura tackle again. The attacks were so fast that the Grimm couldn't even react; it was being hit from every direction and was struggling just to keep its balance. Seeing this, Ernest and 3 other wolves went for the coup de grace, and launched a synchronized attack, which struck all four of the Grimm's limbs and finally threw it off balance.
"Thanks guys' Lan thought, pulling back his arm,
He then launched himself forward, exploding off the ground with a blue glow and flew through the air towards the Grimm. The Grimm saw the attack coming and tried to bring up his arms in time to block the blow, but it was too late. Lan threw his punch and connected with the barrier surrounding the crystal. The two energies collided with each, forming a storm of blue and reddish-black light where they met. Lan's arm screamed in pain as the energy from the barrier tried to force it away, put Lan pushed forward, ignoring the pain and focusing only on crushing his enemy. Cracks were beginning to appear in the energy field now, but the aura in Lan's right arm was beginning to dissipate as well.
Yelling out a war cry, Lan pushed his arm forward. The barrier exploded in a flash of blue and red light, sending the surrounding wolves flying in all directions and staggering the Grimm. Lan cried out in pain as he felt every bone in his right arm shatter, but he gritted his teeth and fixed his eyes on his opponent. Running forward with a yell, Lan raised his left arm and threw a second blow. This time his fist connected firmly with the crystal and discharged all of offensive aura he had stored in it. The Grimm was blasted backwards and slammed into a tree in the edge of the glade.
Low on aura, Lan's body couldn't take the force to the blast either, and as a result the bones in his left arm were also shattered.
Lan stood there, his breath ragged and his arms hanging uselessly at his sides. He looked up towards the Grimm, smiling, but his smile fell once he saw the Grimm start to rise. The crystal on its chest was now cracked in many places and was leaking reddish-black light, but it was still intact and the Grimm was still alive.
Lan began panicking, both of his arms were broken, and he couldn't risk damaging his legs in case he needed to run away.
"I've got to finish this!' Lan thought "But what can I use to'”!'
It was then that he remembered something doctor Krueger told him.
"The hardest bone on your body is your forehead; a fist would break if it came in contact with it.'
"Alright' Lan thought straightening up "This is it'
Flowing the last motes of aura to his skull, Lan began to charge forwards towards the Grimm, who was still struggling to get up. Yelling, Lan slammed his left foot into the ground and blasted himself towards the Grimm head first. At that moment the Grimm brought its head up to see the situation...and saw a blue meteorite heading straight at it.
The Grimm struggled to get up, trying to get out of the way or at least block the blow, but it was still too exhausted from the previous attacks and could barely move.
Lan's head collided with the crystal in Grimm's chest, light shooting out in every direction as the cracks in the crystal widened. The Grimm struggled against the attack and began pushing back.
"There's something you should always remember monster!' Lan yelled as he pushed forward "The heroes always win!'
Lan suddenly felt energy swelling up inside of him, flowing throughout his body and then heading towards his skull, filling it with power he never knew he had and overwhelmed what little energy the crystal in the Grimm's chest still possessed.
With a yell, Lan thrust his head forward and shot all the energy out. The energy burst forward, shattering the crystal in the Grimm chest, shooting right through it. The energy then widened and blasted through a vast area of forest behind the Grimm. The Grimm stood there twitching; a fist sized hole in its chest, behind it was a path of destruction, the forest torn apart.