Exhausted, Lan collapsed onto his back and stared at the Grimm with a grin on his face and the sweet taste of victory (and blood) in his mouth.
The Grimm gave one agonized cry and collapsed onto its back, its armor falling off it in different sized chunks and disintegrating on the grass. In a few minutes all the armor had fallen off and a man sized piece of blackness was all that remained there.
Lan yelled out in triumph, and the wolves that could move ran over and began covering him with congratulations and saliva (mostly saliva).
"Ah, guys' Lan said, brushing away the many tongues "I couldn't have done it without out yo'”'
He then noticed that the blackness was peeling away from the man-shaped form, revealing flesh and blood beneath. In a few seconds the shadows were gone and lying there was an injured old man with a long beard.
The wolves growled and began to make their way towards the figure, but Lan sat up and called them back. He didn't feel anything dangerous from the old man and had felt the Grimm's presence disappear. This man wasn't dangerous, in fact he felt familiar, very very familiar.