Yay a bandwagon I can jump on.

'“ Name: Perry-John Wood
'“ Birthday: December 9th 1988
'“ Nickname: PJ, Rubix
'“ Eye Color: green/grey
'“ Hair Color: dark brown
'“ Zodiac Sign: Greek zodiac: Sagitarius, Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
'“ Height: 5'3"
'“ Your weakness: Overly logical to the point of appearing callous
'“ Your fear: Haven't found it yet
'“ Your perfect pizza: Meat feast
'“ Goal you'd like to achieve: Be ale to support myself and get my own place.
'“ Your best physical feature: My eyes
'“ Favorite color : Purple
'“ Favorite food: Either lamb shank or steak (blue)
'“ Favorite RT emoticon:   smiley8.gif
'“ Superhero alias: Raven

This Or That...
'“ Gavin or Google: Gavin
'“ AH or RT: AH
'“ Red or Blue: Red
'“ RWBY: Ruby Rose
'“ Lads or Gents: Lads
'“ Microsoft or Sony: Microsoft
'“ Microsoft or Apple: Microsoft

Do You...
'“ Smoke: Used to
'“ Curse: No fucking way hehehe
'“ Sing: Cor Meibion Llanymddyfri (Welsh male voice choir)
'“ Dance: Not sober
'“ Take a shower everyday: Not everyday.
'“ Have a crush: Yes
'“ Want to get married: Yes
'“ Get motion sickness: No
'“ Think you're attractive: No
'“ Get along with your parents: My step dad yes not my mother

Have you ever...
'“ Flashed anyone: Yes
'“ Been beaten up: No
'“ Shoplifted: When I was young and stupid
'“ Eaten Sushi: Yes
'“ Been on stage: Several times
'“ Made homemade cookies: Does a cookie in a mug count?
'“ Gone Skinny dipping: Yes
'“ Stolen anything: See shoplifting

In relationships���
'“ Best eye color: hetrochromic green and blue
'“ Best hair color: Red/Purple
'“ Short hair or long hair: Shorter
'“ What's your type: Someone I can be myself with that isn't always there the second I turn around but is there for romantic cuddles and suchlike.

Love life...
'“ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No
'“ Does anyone like you?: Not to my knowledge.
'“ Have you ever kissed anyone?: Yes
'“ Hugged anyone in the past week?: Yes
'“ Virgin?: No
'“ longest relationship: 2 years

So there we have it. Hope you enjoy learning a little about me