'“ Name: James Taylor Roberts *cough* I mean Walter White, uh... Heisenberg
'“ Birthday: July 25, 1993
'“ Nickname: Heisen-B (I'm not kidding)
'“ Eye Color: Blue
'“ Hair Color: Dark brown when not shaven
'“ Zodiac Sign: Leo
'“ Height: 6'0
'“ Your weaknesses: Fear of rejection
'“ Your fear: Failure of any kind.
'“ Your perfect pizza: just mushrooms
'“ Goal you'd like to achieve: To find something in life that ignites my interest
'“ Your best physical feature: Most compliments are on my eyes, so I guess my eyes
'“ Favorite color : Blue
'“ Favorite food: I don't really have a favorite. I'm not very picky.
'“ Favorite Number: 7

This Or That...
'“ Pepsi or Coke: Mountain Dew since it's a Pepsi product
'“ McDonald's or Burger King: Neither, Subway.
'“ Adidas or Nike: Neither again. As of now, Clarks.
'“ Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
'“ Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino
'“ Xbox or Playstation consoles? : Xbox

Do You...
'“ Smoke: Nope
'“ Curse: Only when I'm in company that doesn't mind it. I can turn it off completely if I want to.
'“ Sing: When I'm by myself mostly, or in the shower.
'“ Dance: For the sake of others, no
'“ Take a shower everyday: Absolutely, I don't like feeling dirty. Getting dirty and feeling dirty are two different things for me.
'“ Have a crush: Not anymore.
'“ Want to get married: Not really. That might change as I get older
'“ Get motion sickness: Nope.
'“ Think you're attractive: I think I have some attractive features, but overall, I'd say average. No more than a 6, but no less than a 4 (hopefully)
'“ Get along with your parents: I do with my mom. I did with my dad before he died.

Have you ever...
- Flashed anyone: No one wants to see what a guy has to flash
'“ Been beaten up: Nope
'“ Shoplifted: Maybe twice? I remember once from a gas station I stole some gum. I was a kid.
'“ Eaten Sushi: Yes! It's fantastic!
'“ Been on stage: I've had to accept awards on stage before. Nothing more than that though.
'“ Made homemade cookies: Just this past Christmas actually :)
'“ Gone Skinny dipping: Nope, my man parts already don't like swimming with trunks on, much less off.
'“ Stolen anything: I've done this a few more times. I almost always returned whatever it was. Again, I was still a kid.

In the opposite sex...
'“ Best eye color: Blue or green
'“ Best hair color: Brunette, but nothing wrong with blondes or red heads!
'“ Short hair or long hair: Preferably long, but I know some girls that really pull of the short hair look.
'“ What's your type: Someone that could tolerate that some days, I just don't want a lot of contact be it physical, emotional, or social. I can still be around people, I just won't be very open. Also, she absolutely has to like at least one of three: Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter, video games, or watching movies.

Love life...
'“ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: A what?
'“ Does anyone like you?: It's possible, but I have no clue. I personally don't think so.
'“ Have you ever kissed anyone?: No
'“ Hugged anyone in the past week?: No
'“ Virgin?: Yes
'“ Longest relationship: Never had one