If anyone plays games on Steam, I recently came across some F2P ones and some that are dirt cheap.

1. Duke Nukem Forever - I know it's been out forever and I originally had it on console, but I think it's still $5 right now. Controller supported.

2. No More Room In Hell - F2P, and not a bad game. If you like Left 4 Dead you might like this. Different servers put you in different locations. I've started in a abandoned building, a house, and even a subway. The game can be a little glitchy. Supports 8 players.

3. Game Dev Tycoon - Great game if you like business sims like Roller Coaster Tycoon. Regularly $5 I think, but I got it 20% off. Should run easily on most computers since it's not graphics intensive.

4. Loadout - Recently became F2P, it's hilarious and gory at the same time, much like Peter Jackson's early zombie movies. Looks and plays similar to Team Fortress 2. Taunting opponents include twerking, Gagnam style dancing, teabagging, and more. Controller supported.