So as 2014 is well underway I can't really call this a new years resolutions but recently I've decided to do more in like a social aspect. Since like 95% of my social interaction come from twitter I feel like I should break away from that a little bit.

So to hopefully help that I'm starting a monthly potluck dinner at my house. I'm pretty damn excited. I love cooking but it gets boring just cooking for Kelly and I, so I have a small list of like 6 people that I'm inviting over every month to come hang out and have food. Talked to everyone today and they all seem pretty excited about it so it should be a good time ^_^

Also I've started streaming on twitch, somewhat regularly. I try and stream every wednesday and saturday and so far it's been so amazingly fun. The last few times I've been playing SNES and N64 games and god those games are so much fun. I will always love Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario Bro 3. Such amazing games! I'm thinking of starting a playthrough of BioShock Infinite on my stream since I never finished it. I think streaming it would be fun for people to watch and then I'd actually finish the game.

So yeah there's that, I hope everyone had a lovely January and a good solid start to 2014. I can already tell this is going to be an amazing year! smiley12.gif